ABC News Covers Report on Vitamin A in Sunscreen



Recently, an independent analysis statement from prominent photobiologists was released refuting a report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) alleging that sunscreens with retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) as an inactive ingredient may be harmful. The FDA has responded to the EWG report as well, commenting that the animal research behind the EWG report is still in the early stages, has yet to be peer reviewed or published and should not be extrapolated to humans.

ABC News in San Francisco, CA reported on the alleged controversy over vitamin A in sunscreens.

The program quoted FDA representative, Janet McBride: "The study was done just on a single ingredient not in combination with a sunscreen product. Retinyl palmitate is an inactive ingredient, it's not a sunscreen ingredient...If we felt there was a danger to the public, we'd alert them to that..."

The FDA plans to release a draft report on the retinyl palmitate study in mice by December. It will then go out for peer review.

 Read the full story on the ABC News KGO-TV San Francisco web site.

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