April 10, Marietta, GA: Tremendous Turnout, and One Busy Doctor

Today, as we pulled into the Rite Aid lot in Marietta, GA, we witnessed the power of great media coverage – in a really big way.  A long line of people were waiting for us and a full half hour BEFORE the event started we had filled all of our screening slots for the event. Needless to say, John Kayal, MD, was extremely busy and we may have set another Tour record for the most number of people screened in an hour! It was certainly a first for Dr. Kayal: "Wow!” He said afterwards. “That was the busiest screening I have ever done." In two short hours he managed to screen 34 people, finding a suspected melanoma as well 13 suspected skin precancers, two suspected basal cell carcinomas, and one suspected squamous cell carcinoma

The patient with a suspected melanoma was very grateful for the Tour and thanked us for helping her today. She said that she was very poor and without this opportunity, she would have never had the spot looked at.