April 9, Atlanta, GA: The Start of Our Atlanta-Area Visit

The Road to Healthy Skin Tour made the first of three Atlanta, GA, area stops on Monday April 9 at the Rite Aid on Cumberland Parkway SE. The Tour was joined by Rutledge Forney, MD; Corrine Erikson, MD; Alan Gardner, MD, and Gloria D'Hue, MD, for six hours of free screenings. They examined 35 patients, finding five suspected skin precancers and one suspected basal cell carcinoma.

The local FOX news station stopped by the Tour for a brief interview with Dr. Forney and captured some footage of a couple screenings.  The segment aired later Monday evening on the news, and promoted the next couple days in the Atlanta area.  We are sure the next couple events will be busy!

Rite Aid also sent some visitors our way: "The girl working at the register inside Rite Aid convinced me to come over here to get a screening,” one patient commented. “I am glad I listened to her.”

As usual, our big yellow RV was a hit with the doctors: "I must say, this is the coolest free screening set up I have ever been part of,” Dr. Erickson said. “The RV is awesome!" We couldn’t agree more.