August 11, San Ramon, CA: Another Great Day in California!

It was a short 2-hour event held at the Rite Aid in San Ramon, CA. We are grateful to Shanny Baughman, MD for volunteering her time for a second day this week. She provided 23 screenings to the public today. The majority of the people who stopped by were people who had missed their chance at a screening at the event in Walnut Creek. We were happy they came back and were able to be screened this time around. One visitor said, "I read about the Tour in Fitness magazine. I have been following you all year, waiting for my chance at a free screening!" Overall, Dr. Baughman detected 27 suspicious lesions with 11 of them being potentially cancerous. Dr. Baughman told us, "I am always willing to help out with the Tour. I think it is a great thing and I really have a lot of fun volunteering!"