August 23, Long Beach, CA: Beach Living Means More Screenings

The beach community of Long Beach, CA was a popular stop for the Tour. Shortly after our arrival at the Rite Aid off Cherry Ave., people began to show up for their free skin cancer screening. They were very grateful for the Tour because they spend a lot of time in the sun and skin cancer is one of their biggest worries while living along this California coastline. Mavis Billings, MD and Yu-Fahn Yuen, MD volunteered 6 hours of their day to provide screenings to 56 participants resulting in 52 suspicious findings. We look forward to making another stop in Long Beach next year and hope to see everyone again for their annual skin cancer screening. Said one participant, "I read about the Tour in Fitness magazine last year and missed you guys.  I have been following ever since and marked my calendar months ago for your Southern California stops.”