August 8, Walnut Creek, CA: A Lot of Helping Hands

The Road to Healthy Skin Tour made its first appearance at the Rite Aid in Walnut Creek, CA. The day started off great as we had several people awaiting our arrival. Also there to greet us was the community outreach manager from Diablo Valley Oncology, Sandy Goldberg and her assistant, Sarah. Both stayed the entire day and helped out by tending to the line, answering people’s questions, and handing out Aveeno samples, which everyone loves.

Shanny Baughman, MD, Marilyn Kwolek, MD, and Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD, volunteered their time, making the 6-hour event not only possible, but a big success. Over the course of the day, 70 suspicious lesions were discovered along with 3 potential melanomas! We look forward to visiting Walnut Creek next year and hope to see the same crew again.