July 12 and 13, Boulder, CO

We had a nice turn out in Boulder, CO., on July 12 and 13, with a steady (but not overwhelming) stream of traffic both days. Dermatologists Alise Curry, MD, and Brian Bailey, MD, volunteered on July 12; both were excited to be part of the event and said they were eager to volunteer next year. Over the 6-hour event, we screened 58 people, detecting three suspected basal cell carcinomas and 16 suspected skin precancers. A reporter from KGNU Radio, Maeve, stopped by around 10:30am for a brief interview with Dr. Curry. Maeve decided to have a screening as part of the interview!

On July 13, we made our second appearance in Boulder at a Rite Aid off of North 28th Street. We had a full line up of local dermatologists, including Shawn Allen, MD; Darnell Martin-Wimmer, MD, and Diane Kallgren, MD. The Rite Aid had blocked off a nice spot for the RV, directly in front of the store and facing a busy intersection — great for visibility! Over the course of our 5.5-hour visit, the doctors were able to screen 67 people and detect three potentially deadly suspected melanomas, as well as 13 suspected nonmelanoma skin cancers and 18 suspected skin precancers. All in all, another great day for the Tour and a wonderful way to wrap up our 2012 Colorado stops!