July 19, Boise, ID: Our First Time in Boise

The Road to Healthy Skin Tour made an appearance at the Rite Aid in Boise, ID, for the first time today. Our location was only a few blocks from the state capital buildings as well as Boise State University. When we pulled the RV up to the Rite Aid, we already had a nice line of people waiting. Once Wade Keller, MD, our dermatologist for the day, arrived, we had a consistent flow of people for the 5 ½ hours he graciously volunteered. Despite the long hours, he was glad he came:"Wow, this was an awesome experience,” Dr. Keller said. “I’m so happy my office girl noticed the fax about the Tour and brought it to my attention."

Our visitors were also grateful: "I have been reading about the tour in Fitness magazine for the past couple years, hoping and waiting for you guys to stop here," one visitor said. Dr. Keller screened 88 patients and detected a suspected melanoma, as well as 58 suspected precancers, 15 suspected basal cell carcinomas, and three suspected squamous cell carcinomas.