March 19, Raleigh, NC: A Terrific Start to the 2012 Tour

The 2012 Road to Healthy Skin Tour kicked off in full force on March 19 in Raleigh, NC. We are excited to be back on the road, and to learn that we’ll be bringing the Tour to several new states and cities this year. We hope to see you on the road!

We arrived at the American Institute of Health & Fitness around 9 AM to prepare for the all-day line up of doctors. Shortly after we set up outside, an unexpected rainstorm left us scrambling to protect all of the materials outside! Fortunately, by the afternoon, the skies cleared and we lucked out with a pleasant, bright and sunny 80◦-degree day.

Our volunteer doctors, David Tart, MD; Carol Trakimas, MD; Rebecca Oyler, MD; Tamara Houseman, MD; and Walter Gammon, MD screened 70 people, breaking last year’s record (68) for the most number of people screened on the first day of the Tour. Most importantly, the doctors found 10 suspected actinic keratoses (precancers); five basal cell carcinomas, one squamous cell carcinoma, and three potential melanomas. The local CBS station, WRAL-5, came to interview Dr. Trakimas and captured footage of an actual screening.