March 21, Mt. Pleasant, SC: A Busy Visit to a Beach Community

On Wednesday, March 21, we found ourselves at the Rite Aid in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Mt. Pleasant, a suburb just north of Charleston, is a community surrounded by beautiful beaches, which always seems to heighten the interest and concern about skin cancer. Martha Hampton, MD, volunteered for three hours, and she found eight suspected actinic keratoses (the most common skin precancer), six suspected basal cell carcinomas, and two suspected squamous cell carcinomas among the 17 people who stopped by for a skin exam.

Throughout the day people of all ages stopped by. Even if they did not have time for a screening, they still had the opportunity to take a couple samples of Aveeno® and a coupon, grab a Fitness magazine, and also pick up some useful tips on skin cancer and prevention.  This is a great location and a beautiful area.