March 23 and 24, Orlando, FL: Getting the Word Out

The Tour made a two-day stop in Orlando, FL, on March 23 and 24.  At the peak of the spring break season and with temperatures warmer than normal, it was the perfect time for the media to remind everyone about the importance of practicing “safe sun” and getting regular skin cancer screenings.  Michael Steppie, MD, was busy promoting the Tour: on Friday morning he met the RV at the studio where Fox’s Good Morning Orlando was shot for a quick segment before heading over to conduct screenings at the Phoenicia Center. Later in the day, a reporter from Telemundo interviewed Dr. Steppie; they also shot some footage of a screening. Then on Saturday, the Orlando Sentinel met with Dr. Steppie for another interview.

Over the course of the two-day event, where staff found 38 suspected skin precancers, 15 suspected basal cell carcinomas, eight suspected squamous cell carcinomas, and two suspected melanomas on 110 patients. Dr. Steppie and his staff from Associates in Dermatology were once again a wonderful group to work with and we appreciated their support.