March 29, Miami Beach, FL: Marina Screenings

This year we tried out a new location at the Miami Beach Marina, off of Alton Road. We set up shop steps away from some of the largest boats (or yachts) in the area; it may have been the first time the RV looked small!  The Marina ended up being a perfect location to educate people about skin cancer since the majority of people there work all day on the water and in the sun.  Aton Holzer, MD, Nardo Zaias, MD, Martin Zaiac, MD, and Brian Katz, MD, provided 57 screenings, discovering five suspected melanomas, six suspected basal cell, carcinomas, two suspected squamous cell carcinomas, and 21 suspected skin precancers. Days like this, when we are able to detect so many cancerous lesions, reminds us all just how important and meaningful the Road to Healthy Skin Tour is to everyone involved.