March 30, Coconut Grove, FL: Another First for the Tour

The Road to Healthy Skin Tour made an appearance at Peacock Park in Coconut Grove, FL on March 30. This was another new area for us and it definitely has potential! The park and athletic fields were in a residential area, right by the Coconut Grove Sailing Club and just around the corner from the Dinner Key Marina. This marina, which is the largest wet slip marina in Florida, provided great support by putting up signage and letting locals know when and where to expect us.

The event started off a little chaotically our first doctor cancelled at the last minute due to a family emergency. Fortunately, people came back to see Judith Crowell, MD, and we certainly kept her busy. She hopped on board around a quarter to 2 PM and quickly began screening the first of 20 patients. During the next two hours, Dr. Crowell discovered seven suspected basal cell carincomas, three suspected squamous cell carcinomas, and one suspected melanoma. Despite the morning’s rocky start, we ended on a great note and had a good afternoon.