March 31, Miami FL: One Mom’s Clever Plan to Promote Early Detection

On a very rainy day in Miami, the Tour made a stop at the Bass Pro Shop at the Dolphin Mall. In the two short hours — and during a torrential rainstorm — Phyllis Skolnik, MD, was able to see 22 participants and discovered six suspicious lesions. Today we learned of an interesting tactic taken by a concerned mother with daughters who love to tan: if her daughters wanted her to purchase new bathing suits for them, then they had to come with her to get screened!  Way to go, Mom!

Despite the rain and short event time, we still managed to have a good turn out. The generator wasn’t working properly, so we powered the lights off of the engine with jumper cables. We’ve learned quite a few RV tricks during the past few years on the road and if we have a doctor and a patient, then we’ll find a way to get the screening done!