May 22, Cheektowaga, NY: Two Suspected Melanomas Found

Today the Tour traveled to Cheektowaga, NY, located just outside of Buffalo.  As its name suggests, the area has a rich Indian heritage and was home to the Seneca and Iroquois Indians for almost a century. The weather was unseasonably warm which meant that summer was on everyone’s mind and people were starting to focus on sun safety and concerns about skin cancer.

We had a great turnout, thanks to the local CBS news station that included a quick clip about the Tour on the morning newscast. The Buffalo News also included an article about the event in their paper.

Brummitte D. Wilson, MD, and his two nurses provided the screenings, and in two short hours the trio was able to see 31 participants and detect nine suspicious lesions, including two suspected melanomas. So, all in all, Cheektowaga was a big success and we look forward to seeing everyone in Buffalo next year. It was great to see Dr. Wilson again, who volunteered with us back in 2008. “It seems like yesterday that I volunteered,” he marveled. “I can't believe it was almost five years ago."