2012 Tour: It's a Wrap

The Road to Healthy Skin Tour wrapped up its 2012 season at the end of September and after six months on the road, we’re heading home. On the way, we celebrated another major Tour milestone when the RV logged 100,000 miles! 

As we traveled throughout the country, we met wonderful people and many shared their own stories and experiences. Stories like the woman in Virginia who was battling her own case of melanoma, but still found the strength to bring her children to our event to get a screening…or the teenage boy in California whose father passed away from melanoma a week prior to our event.  Every story was touching and we will never forget them.

We also had the pleasure of working alongside 131 dedicated dermatologists this year. Without these wonderful volunteers, the Tour would not have had the ability to screen more than 3,000 participants and provide information to thousands more who stopped by to learn about skin cancer.

The Skin Cancer Foundation, and the amazing sponsors who have supported this program over the past five years, have truly made a difference across America. At the end of our fifth year, more than 16,000 visitors have received free skin cancer screenings, and nearly 7,000 suspected cancers and precancers have been detected – some being potentially deadly melanoma.

We hope that our efforts have saved lives and through the education that the Tour provides, that we’ve given many people the knowledge they need to live a life free of skin cancer.

Safe sun to all, and we hope to see everyone again next year! 

Chris & Christie