The Road to Healthy Skin Tour Blog

September 16, Austin, TX: Texas Hospitality

It was a rainy day when the Road to Healthy Skin Tour made a stop at the REI store located in the Gateway shopping center in Austin, TX.  Read More

September 18 and 19, Arlington, TX: UT Students Care About Skin Cancer

The University of Texas at Arlington was the site of the 2-day screening event for the Road to Healthy Skin Tour.  Read More

September 21 and 22, Houston, TX: A Warm Welcome from Randall’s

The Road to Healthy Skin Tour stopped at the Randall’s grocery store in Austin, TX for another year in a row. Read More

  • July 12 and 13, Boulder, CO

    We had a nice turn out in Boulder, CO., on July 12 and 13, with a steady (but not overwhelming) stream of traffic both days. Dermatologists Alise Curry, MD, and Brian Bailey, MD, volunteered on July … more

  • July 11, Littleton, CO: The Tour Heads West

    The Road to Healthy Skin tour is heading west, and to kick off the second half of our journey, we made a stop at the Rite Aid in Littleton, CO., on July 11.  The store was very excited to have … more

  • June 29, Cordova, TN: Hot, hot, hot!

    It was a hot, slow day in Cordova, TN!  With temperatures close to 110 degrees, it was hard to find too many people out and about to receive a skin cancer screening!  James Turner, MD, and … more

  • June 28, Memphis, TN: Our Fame Precedes Us!

    The Tour made its stop at the Rite Aid in Memphis, Tennessee today, and with temperatures over 100 degrees, it was a hot day to say the least. Luckily, people didn’t have to wait too long … more

  • June 25, Kingston, TN: A Real Southern Welcome for the Tour

    Today the Road to Healthy Skin Tour made another first-time stop at the Rite Aid in Kingston, TN. Though this was a last-minute addition to the Tour, it turned out to be one of the best thus far! … more

  • June 23, Nashville, TN: At the Parthenon

    The Road to Healthy Skin Tour had a pleasant change of scenery today—we were at Centennial Park in Nashville, TN. Centennial Park is home to the famous Nashville Parthenon, an exact replica of … more

  • June 19, Louisville, KY: Six Hours, 75 Screenings—Whew!

    The Louisville, KY Tour stop at the Rite Aid off Bardstown Road kept us VERY busy. When we arrived we were greeted by several smiling faces—numerous people were excitedly awaiting our arrival. … more

  • June 13, Kettering OH: Our First Time in Kettering

    The Road to Healthy Skin Tour made its first of two stops in the Dayton area at the Rite Aid in Kettering, Ohio today. Due to the promotions of Rite Aid, there was a line awaiting the Tour’s … more

  • June 2, Kentwood: A Productive Visit

    We couldn’t have asked for a better day at the Rite Aid in Kentwood, Michigan! The store had been passing out flyers and informing people about the Tour for the past week, which we always … more

  • May 30, Toledo, OH: Lots of Excited Visitors

    Today we were at the Rite Aid in Toledo, Ohio. The store’s staff and patrons were very excited and told us they’d been were looking forward to it all week—though one visitor … more

  • May 26, Pittsburgh, PA: An Enthusiastic Crowd

    It was a great day in Pittsburgh, PA. The Rite Aid store’s staff seemed as excited about the event as the people were who were waiting for us to arrive! When the RV pulled up, we were greeted … more

  • May 25, Bridgeville, PA: A Day of Firsts

    It was a day full of firsts for the Road to Healthy Skin Tour on May 25. We made our first-ever stop at the Rite Aid in Bridgeville, PA, and it was also the first time Sara Story, MD, volunteered to … more