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Acral Melanoma Survivor Warns: Know What to Look For

Most people who go to the podiatrist would never expect to get biopsied and diagnosed with a rare, dangerous skin cancer. But that’s exactly what happened to Dorothy Overstreet. Now, she wants to educate people about acral lentiginous melanoma (ALM) and how to detect it.  

After Melanoma, a New Beginning

A melanoma survivor and advocate shares his story to inspire a feeling of community and support for skin cancer education, early detection and prevention.

In My Mother’s Eyes: Her Ocular Melanoma Story

Ocular (meaning “of the eye”) melanoma is very different from cutaneous (“of the skin”) melanoma. Learn more about this rare form of melanoma, in a story told by the daughter of a survivor.

From Beauty Mark to Melanoma

Chrissy Carbone has always had moles on her skin. She never dreamed that the innocent-looking “beauty marks” could become life-threatening.

What It’s Like to Get Melanoma At 23: As Told to Refinery29

“I’m low-key terrified of the sun now.” In June 2022, 23-year-old  Izzy Tomassi, a UK-based fashion blogger and digital content creator, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer. Here is her story. 

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