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How Serious Is a Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

I’d had a few skin cancers removed before, all basal cell carcinomas (BCCs), the most common type. But when I was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) on my scalp, it seemed different, and a little more scary.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment

Translation:      En Español Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment Effective Options for Early Stage SCC Most squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) of the [...]

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Translation:      En Español Squamous Cell Carcinoma Overview The Second Most Common Skin Cancer What is squamous cell carcinoma? Squamous cell [...]

New Treatment, New Hope for Those with Advanced Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

You may have heard about a new medication that was recently FDA approved for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC). Libtayo (cemiplimab-rwlc) is a type of immunotherapy called a checkpoint blockade inhibitor, and it’s the first one approved to treat certain cases of CSCC. This is exciting news, so let’s break down how this new drug works and whom it might help.

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