2017 Research Grants Awarded

The Skin Cancer Foundation has funded more than $1.6 million in research grants to date. These grants provide annual funding for research and clinical studies related to skin cancer. In 2017, a combined $85,000 in research grants was awarded to four well-deserving physicians.

Research grant proposals were submitted by dermatology residents, fellows and young faculty. The proposals were reviewed by the Foundation’s Research Grants Committee, and grants were awarded to projects based on their relevance to the Foundation’s mission of combating the skin cancer epidemic. The Research Grants Committee is comprised of Rhoda Alani, MD, Suephy Chen, MD, MS, Leonard H. Goldberg, MD, Susan M. Swetter, MD and Committee Chairman David Polsky, MD, PhD. 

The 2017 Research Grant Award recipients are:

The Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf Research Award Society for $25,000

“Skin Cancer in Nonwhite Organ Transplant Recipients: Identifying a High-Risk Population”

Awarded to Christina Lee Chung, MD, Associate Professor, Drexel University College of Medicine

Funding for this award was made possible by Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf.

The Ashley Trenner Research Grant Award for $25,000

“Neuroglial and neuronal regulation of melanoma progression”

Awarded to Yuri Bunimovich, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, University of Pittsburgh

Funding for this award was made possible by Bob and Karen Trenner.

The Todd Nagel Memorial Award for $25,000

“Epigenetic and Immunologic Modulators in Melanoma”

Awarded to Neda Nikbakht, MD, PhD, Dermatology Resident (Research Track), Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Funding for this award was made possible by Linda Nagel and The Todd Nagel Golf Open.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Research Award for $10,000

“Postoperative Phone Calls, Patient Satisfaction and Quality Improvement in Dermatologic Surgery”

Awarded to Jesse Miller Lewin, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York

Funded by committed Skin Cancer Foundation donors.