Hosting a Fundraising Party

Fundraising parties are an excellent way to educate your community about the dangers of skin cancer, and to raise funds for the Foundation. A fundraising party can be anything from a get-together in a private home to a gala event; it’s up to you (and your budget).

There are benefits to each option: a party in a friend’s house will have a smaller overhead (you won’t have to rent a space); however, a larger event has the ability to reach a much bigger audience. Whatever option you choose, consider the following:

  • Planning Your Budget:
    While planning your budget, take into account the costs of the event space rental, staff, catering, equipment (for example, chairs, tables, and a podium), flowers, entertainment and publicity. Consider holding your event on a weeknight—site rentals tend to be more expensive on weekends.
  • Specify How Funds Are Used: 
    If you are using event proceeds to cover the cost of the event, be sure to state that “__% (the percentage) of net proceeds from the event will go to The Skin Cancer Foundation” on materials promoting the event.
  • Secure a Permit (if necessary):
    If your event will be held in a public space, like a neighborhood park or plaza, be sure to contact city or town officials to find out if you need a permit; the cost for using the space; and if there are any additional requirements for hosting an event there. If you will be holding the event in a private location, like a hotel ballroom or a restaurant, ask if the management offers a discount on goods or services for non profits, or if they might be able to support the event in some way.
  • Choosing the Event Space: 
    If the event will be held outdoors, ensure that the space you choose can provide some protection from the elements if necessary. The size of the structure chosen should be based on the number of guests you expect to accommodate, so send out invitations or save-the-date announcements at least two months in advance, and request that people RSVP as quickly as possible so you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll need.
  • Think about Fundraising Opportunities: 
    Ticket sales will raise some money, but also consider sponsors, food stands, raffles, and auctions. Ask local businesses to serve as corporate sponsors and donate food and drinks, prizes, or even gift bag items.  This can help lower your costs.
  • Promoting Your Event: 
    Publicizing your event is the key to its success. If you set a goal of $5,000 for your fundraising event, you can work with The Skin Cancer Foundation to create a personalized website for the event. Be sure to share the link to your personalized website with your friends and family through social networking and emails. Let them know how they can help, and why you’re supporting The Skin Cancer Foundation’s important mission and programs. Contact your local newspapers, neighborhood calendars, websites, blogs, and TV/radio stations in your area to find out how they can help promote your event as well.