Run from the Sun

Bob Manning, 59, is the Executive Director of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. He's also a lifelong runner, and as "Anyone who's been to a track meet knows, you're there from 8 AM to 6 PM. And I come from a generation where all we did was take our shirts off in the sun, and burn and peel, and burn and peel."

At a 1999 visit by Bob to the dermatologist, the doctor found a melanoma on Bob's trunk and another on his forearm, which thankfully were not advanced. "I hadn't even noticed the melanomas," Bob said. "I thought they were freckles." Since then, Bob has had multiple basal cell carcinomas removed — he estimates he's had at least 300 stitches.

After he was declared melanoma-free, Bob's wife, Lauren, decided to help educate members of their Avalon, NJ, summer community about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure. As runners, they felt a charity race would be an ideal way to advance the cause, so with the support of the Avalon Yacht Club, where the Mannings are members, they organized the first Avalon Yacht Club Run from the Sun 5K race. Since 2004, the event has raised close to $135,000 to help fund The Skin Cancer Foundation's prevention, detection, and research programs.

Bob and his wife remain avid runners, though their habits have changed: "Today, I use sun protection, wear long sleeves, and run at a time of the day when the sun is not that intense," Bob explains. "Our kids, who are all sailing instructors and are on the water during the day, are so protective of their skin and their students' skin. They lather up with sunscreen, and reapply at lunch. The basic sun protection lessons they've learned will hopefully protect them throughout their lives."

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Published on June 6, 2013