Video Testimonials


Chelsea, a 24 year-old from Virginia, used tanning beds for years with many of her friends and family.  While she knew skin cancer was a possibility, she thought it was “no big deal.” Almost a year after her diagnosis of Stage III melanoma, Chelsea talks about how her life has changed.


Natalie used tanning beds because having a tan made her feel thin and pretty. During an annual skin exam, Natalie’s dermatologist found two melanomas. Although both melanomas were caught in the early stages, the surgery to remove them was long and painful, as was her recovery. Natalie recounts her experience and explains why she no longer tans.

Jerry Penacoli

Jerry Penacoli, a correspondent on TV’s Extra, was diagnosed with Stage III melanoma  in the fall of 2010 (read more about Jerry’s experience) [link to 2011 Journal article]. Now cancer free, Jerry urges everyone to visit a dermatologist for an annual skin exam. Jerry’s PSA is available for broadcast. Please contact Becky Wiley ( for more information.