The Melanoma Letter FALL 2008, Vol. 26, No. 3

In this edition of The Melanoma Letter, we diverge from our usual attempt to provide objective coverage of clinical advances and important research. Instead, we have invited Dr. Vivian Bucay to provide a detailed and very personal account of her battle with melanoma over the past two years. Her insights as an expert coupled with her experiences as a patient give her report a powerful immediacy as she touches on the wide range of diagnostic tests and treatments, both traditional and experimental, currently available for metastatic melanoma.

While we often lament in these pages the lack of highly effective treatments for advanced melanoma, Dr. Bucay’s story personalizes the hopes of patients and their physicians in their search for effective therapies.While to date the majority of patients may find improved diseasefree survival at best, some persistent, fortunate souls will indeed experience remission and even dare we say “cure.”