The Melanoma Letter Fall 2016, Vol. 34, No. 3

In this issue of The Melanoma Letter, Drs. Francis, Shoushtari, Barker and Abramson present a wonderful review of our current knowledge of uveal melanoma, from the etiological and genetic underpinnings of the disease to the important refinements being made in metastatic risk assessment and management. They report on the state-of-the-art, eye-saving advances made in treating primary disease and both the existing limitations and rising potential for treating advanced disease.  

In our second story, Matthew Field and Drs. Tarlan and Harbour report on the most promising directions in research for diagnosis, prognosis and management of high-risk and advanced metastatic uveal melanoma, exploring recent discoveries in the molecular pathogenesis of the disease that are beginning to impact on treatment. They discuss the use of molecular biomarkers and gene expression profiling to enhance prognostication, the advent of hepatic artery embolization and combination drugs to enhance immunotherapy and the discovery of specific mutations that provide a framework for targeted molecular therapy.