The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal 2015

2015 JournalThe digital edition of The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal 2015 is here!

Would you believe that many top colleges across the US either have tanning centers on campus, or allow students to use their campus cash cards for tanning right off-campus? Did you know that air pollution can combine with sun damage to wreak even greater havoc on your skin? Or that both children and senior citizens face special threats from everyday sun exposure of which they’re completely unaware? There is much to explore and enlighten you in the online version of the 2015 Skin Cancer Foundation Journal.  For 33 years, the Journal has been the flagship publication of The Skin Cancer Foundation, and it has expanded in ambition and scope every year. Since 1979, The Skin Cancer Foundation has worked to raise awareness of skin cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment, and the Journal is a proud product of that mission. Our medically reviewed, consumer-friendly content is intended for knowledge-hungry readers like you – offering a mix of beauty, lifestyle, health, medical breakthroughs, and personal stories to broaden your understanding of skin cancer.

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2015 Table of Contents

Protecting Beauty

Tanning is So '90s

A Sun-Safe Life


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