What We Do

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Since our founding in 1979, The Skin Cancer Foundation has sought to save and improve lives. We empower people to take a proactive approach to daily sun protection and the early detection and treatment of skin cancer. Read more about our work and support our mission.

We are the first stop for skin cancer education

Nearly 9 million people come to SkinCancer.org annually for the latest skin cancer information. Every day, our posters, brochures, newsletters and journals are shipped to medical offices, health clinics, schools and community centers across the country. We take our responsibility as the leader in skin cancer patient education very seriously. We know that receiving a skin cancer diagnosis and navigating treatment options can be daunting. That’s why our Science & Education team works closely with our member dermatologists to break down confusing medical terminology so we can provide the public with helpful and digestible information.

Skin Cancer Foundation Journal 2020

We make connections

We reach thousands of people through our Sun & Skin News blog, where we delve deeper into lifestyle questions about proper sun protection and skin cancer detection and treatment. We facilitate a year-round conversation on our social channels, where our followers offer each other support while dealing with a skin cancer diagnosis.

We believe in teamwork

Our physician members, donors and corporate partners, along with members of the media, help us develop and distribute our programs to those who need them most. We’re incredibly grateful for our allies and their numerous contributions to our work. Become a member.

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We support research

With the help of our generous donors, The Skin Cancer Foundation has funded more than $1.7 million in grants to date. These grants provide annual funding for research and clinical studies related to skin cancer. Learn more about our Research Grants program.

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We set the standard for sun protection

Our Seal of Recommendation is recognized by consumers worldwide as a symbol of safe and effective sun protection. When you see the Seal, you can be assured that the SCF is here to help you find the products that suit your needs, including clothing, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, awnings, window film, glass and, of course, sunscreens.

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We focus on the issues

Over the years we’ve lobbied local and national government on a variety of issues, including: banning tanning beds, increasing the number of sunscreen ingredients available to Americans and allowing children to bring sunscreens and other sun protection methods to schools and camps to use as needed. The Foundation is a founding member of the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention, a group of nonprofits and government organizations that collaborate on skin cancer prevention campaigns and advocacy work.

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We provide the answers

When news breaks in the skin cancer space, the media look to us for answers. Our member dermatologists also help educate those in the media, so they can report the information you need. Year-round, our communications team coordinates interviews with newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, podcasts, radio stations and TV shows, resulting in coverage that reaches many millions of people. Check out our Press Room.

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We reach around the globe

Our international programs foster communication and learning opportunities for dermatologists around the world. Our biennial World Congress on Cancers of the Skin® enables physicians from many countries to interact with distinguished international faculty and learn about breakthrough discoveries in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin cancer. The International Dermatological Exchange Program is an opportunity for our organization to travel abroad to share ideas and collaborate with local skin cancer experts.

We drive to save lives

One of the programs we’re most proud of is Destination: Healthy Skin, our mobile community education program. Each summer our crew hits the road in our customized RV, retrofitted with two exam rooms. We travel around the county and work with local volunteer dermatologists to provide free full-body skin cancer screenings in the towns and cities we visit.

We engage local media to create a community dialogue about the need for sun safety, regardless of activity or location. That’s why we host events in beach communities, mountain towns, and urban, suburban and rural areas. Our message is simple: Anyone can get skin cancer, so everyone needs to protect themselves and understand the importance of detecting and treating skin cancer early, when it is usually curable.

Happy Couple after getting their skin checked on the Destination: Healthy Skin RV

Destination: Healthy Skin 2019

10,000 miles traveled

59 dermatologists volunteered their time and expertise to the program

1,800+ free skin cancer screenings provided

578 potential skin cancers and precancers were spotted, including 40 suspected melanomas

Destination: Healthy Skin RV Driving through Utah

We are here for you

We place special emphasis on developing targeted, sensible recommendations that fit different people and lifestyles. Over the years we’ve developed programs for students (Sun Smart U), beauty professionals (Heads Up!), young women (Go With Your Own Glow) and golfers (Play it Safe in the Sun). To reach specific audiences with our messages, we partner with sports stars, TV personalities, beauty experts, retailers and other sun care and cancer-related organizations. Learn more about our newest program: TheBigSee.org.

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We won't stop

The Skin Cancer Foundation was founded on the basic tenet that no one should die from this disease. Still, we lose 50 people to skin cancer every day, and we won’t stop until that number is zero. With your help, we will get there. Get involved.

Join our fight

You’ll be supporting our awareness and screening programs, research initiatives and educational materials. Donate.

Host a fundraising event

From 5K walk/runs and fashion shows to golf outings and tennis matches, there are many ways you can organize a fun event for your community while raising money for The Skin Cancer Foundation. We have software that makes online fundraising a breeze, and our development team is available to help make your event a success! Host an event.

Educate your community

Use our materials to educate your family, friends and coworkers, and encourage local schools to teach Sun Smart U, our youth curriculum.

Get involved.