Early Detection: Overview

Spot the Cancer You Can See When It’s Easiest to Treat.

The world’s most common cancer is a relentless disease that strikes one in five people by age 70. The good news is that most cases are curable if they are diagnosed and treated early enough. But in order to stop skin cancer, we have to spot it on time.

Skin cancer is the cancer you can see. Unlike cancers that develop inside the body, skin cancers form on the outside and are usually visible. That’s why skin exams, both at home and with a dermatologist, are especially vital.

Early detection saves lives. Learning what to look for on your own skin gives you the power to detect cancer early when it’s easiest to cure, before it can become dangerous, disfiguring or deadly.

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What you can do

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Examine your skin once a month

Learn about the warning signs of skin cancer and know what to look for during a self-exam. If you spot anything that just doesn’t look right, get it checked by your dermatologist as soon as possible.


See your dermatologist annually

Get a full-body, professional skin exam once a year or more often if you are at higher risk for skin cancer.  Make the most of your appointment with these tips. If you’ve never seen a dermatologist, our physician finder can help you locate one.

Early detection can save your life

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Last updated: February 2023

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