COVID-19 and You:

A Message for Skin Cancer Patients, Caregivers and Families

As the COVID-19 health crisis continues to unfold, we’ve heard from skin cancer patients and caregivers. Some of you are concerned because you have had appointments or surgeries canceled. Some of you have been unable to reach your doctor or a member of your health care team.

You are not alone. We have entered an unprecedented time for our health care system. COVID-19 precautions are necessary before many medical treatments can be instituted or resume, and many health care systems are overwhelmed.

What this means: You may experience temporary delays in getting help regarding your diagnosis or treatment as health care systems are devising new ways to meet the needs of all patient populations during this crisis.

What you can do: Be patient, and understand that you will eventually hear from your health care team. In the meantime, find ways to relieve stress: try mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, a good book, or speak with friends and family by phone or video chat. Above all, try to eat healthy and nutritious foods, exercise and get enough sleep.