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Written and medically reviewed by nationally recognized experts in the field, our leading publications are developed to educate the public and medical professionals on the latest skin cancer news, research studies and treatment information.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal

The annual Skin Cancer Foundation Journal publishes news and feature articles about the latest in skin cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Intended for a consumer audience, articles in the Journal are written by experts and medically reviewed. Free download. Online articles.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Newsletter

Our monthly e-newsletter provides news and information you can use right away about preventing and detecting the world’s most common cancer. Sign up for newsletter to stay informed.

Sun & Skin News Blog

Sun & Skin News, The Skin Cancer Foundation’s blog, explores every healthy skin-related topic under the sun. See what’s new on the blog.

The Melanoma Letter

The Melanoma Letter brings the latest skin cancer news, research and techniques to medical professionals. Read the latest issue.

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Carcinomas & Keratoses

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s digital publication for medical professionals focuses on keratinocyte carcinomas, also known as nonmelanoma skin cancers. Read the latest issue.

Clinical Information Brochures

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s clinical information brochures educate patients about the most common forms of skin cancer, featuring information about warning signs, detection methods and treatment options. Our brochures are distributed by dermatologists, and at screening clinics, health fairs, retail chains and community wellness programs by nurses, educators and schools. Browse our store.

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Last updated: April 2024

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