Skin Cancer Awareness Toolkit


Skin cancer awareness starts with YOU. This social media toolkit gives you downloadable skin cancer graphics and resources to help you #SharetheFacts during Skin Cancer Awareness Month and all year long.


Let’s come together to educate people about the dangers of skin cancer. Right now, we’re busting the myth that skin cancer is “no big deal.”  It’s serious! Pass it on.

Be sure to tag us @SkinCancerFoundation on Facebook and LinkedIn, and @SkinCancerOrg on Instagram, Threads, Pinterest, X and TikTok. Hashtags to use: #SkinCancerIsSerious,#SharetheFacts and #ThisIsSkinCancer.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information and guidelines around sharing our content. Thanks again!

Copyright notice: Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness. Note that all images and content from our website and social media platforms are copyrighted. You may share under the following conditions:

  • Please do not modify images, graphics or content in any way. Please do not add your logo or watermark.
  • Please do not use The Skin Cancer Foundation logo on any of your graphic content.
  • Please cite The Skin Cancer Foundation as the source of the image or fact.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month Toolkit
#SkinCancerIsSerious #SharetheFacts #ThisIsSkinCancer

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Last updated: June 2024

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