Go With Your Own Glow

The Go With Your Own Glow campaign was developed to encourage women to love — and protect — their skin, whatever its natural hue.  The campaign focuses on fashion and beauty trends to show that tanning is not fashionable or flattering and is obsolete as a lifestyle

Natural, glowing, healthy skin is the look that makes everyone look their best. When you tan, indoors or out, you increase signs of aging as well as your risk of developing skin cancer. Once people stop associating tanned skin with beauty, we will really make headway against skin cancer.

Read on for a glimpse into The Foundation’s Glow campaign, and for practical tips on taking care of your skin and going with your own “Glow.”

Have You Seen the Glow Ads?

Our Go With Your Own Glow ads have been featured in major publications including O, The Oprah Magazine, Shape, New York Magazine, Redbook and Harper’s Bazaar. View all of the ads.

Glowing in Times Square

Our Go with Your Own Glow video ads played in New York’s Times Square.  View the Glow video ads.