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Free Sun Safety Education Program

The Skin Cancer Foundation has developed the free Sun Smart U education program to help teachers expose students to the importance of sun protection and give them the tools they need to prevent skin cancer.

Sun Smart U is consistent with the CDC’s National Health Education Standards for middle school and high school students. The interactive lesson plan features true stories from young skin cancer survivors, medically reviewed Prevention Guidelines, handouts and activities, and can be taught in one or two class periods. Sun Smart U is available in a variety of formats.

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In the Rays Awareness lesson, students learn about ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and tanning beds, how it affects the skin, and why protecting themselves from UV exposure is critical to skin cancer prevention.

The free lesson includes a Sun Smart Steps animated segment, a Skin Type Quiz, and a Celeb Skin Twin activity. An interactive True or False activity gauges students’ prior knowledge of skin cancer, while video segments relay true stories from young adults who have had melanoma. The instructional component consists of vivid images to help students develop an understanding of different skin cancers and to recognize their warning signs.

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