Heads Up!

Heads Up!

Dermatologists and Beauty Professionals:
Partners in Fighting Skin Cancer

Melanomas on the head and neck can be deadly if not detected early. Beauty professionals can notice these suspicious lesions in hard to spot areas before they become serious. This is why The Skin Cancer Foundation developed the educational program Heads Up! The program enlists dermatologists to host beauty professionals for an educational and empowering event about skin cancer and its warning signs.

First Responders Saving Lives

Hairstylists and aestheticians are in a unique position when it comes to spotting unusual lesions, marks or moles on their clients. First, they often see the same clients on a regular and recurring basis. Second, they have an optimal view of the scalp, head and neck that perhaps even their physicians or spouses may not see.

Since early detection is key to saving lives, the Heads Up! program ensures that this group of first responders will be prepared to give a “heads up” to their clients if they see something suspicious and encourage them to visit a dermatologist in a timely manner.

Heads Up!
Event Materials

Dermatologist Hosted Heads Up! Events

Hosting a Heads Up! event is easy and beneficial for your practice. Dermatologists host local beauty professionals for enjoyable Heads Up! events at their offices, where the hosts present “Skin Cancer and Its Warning Signs” – a brief and easy-to-understand guide to discovering suspicious spots and how to communicate to beauty clients about this.

Benefits of Hosting Include:

  • FREE Patient Handouts: Receive free Skin Cancer Foundation handouts to print and distribute at your Heads Up! event.
  • Networking Opportunity: Encourage your beauty professional partners to refer potential patients to you.
  • Be a Community Leader: Demonstrate your commitment to make a difference.
  • Grow Your Business: Offer discounts on cosmetic procedures and skin products to attract event attendees.

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For more information on hosting a Heads Up! event, please email us at info@skincancer.org or call 212-725-5176.