Actinic Keratosis Warning Signs and Images

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How to Recognize Actinic Keratosis

Examples of typical actinic keratoses are shown here, so examine your skin regularly for lesions that look like them. But it’s not always that simple: Many actinic keratoses have quite a different appearance, so if you find any unusual or changing growth, be suspicious and see your doctor promptly.


  • Multiple keratoses appearing as red bumps and tan crusts on the forehead and scalp.
  • Crusted lesions varying in color from red to brown on the cheek and ear.

  • Scattered, thick red scaly patches on the back of the hand.

  • Lower lip with cracks filled with dried blood and horn-shaped scale covering large keratosis.

  • Typical actinic keratosis with red scaly lesions on the back of the hand.