Benefits of Hosting a Community Fundraising Event

Fundraisers who donate proceeds to The Skin Cancer Foundation will receive the following benefits: 

  • Listing on the Foundation's Online Community Event Calendar: Name of event, location, and contact information along with brief description will be posted on the Community Event Calendar of
  • Educational Brochures and Posters: A limited amount of free educational materials may be available.
  • Listing in the Foundation's annual Journal publication (if donated proceeds are $500 or greater): Either event or organizer name will be published in the donor section of The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal.

Setting a goal of $10,000 or more will make fundraisers eligible to receive the following additional benefits: 

  • Customized Event Webpage: Your event page will enable you to create a personalized online presence. You can upload photos, tell your story, and have participants and team members create their own pages with photos and text. 
  • Copywriting Assistance: The Foundation can help articulate the unique and fun characteristics of your event to attract more donors and participants. We can help develop your homepage text, aid in creating a one-page marketing piece, and assist in writing email promotional text to donors and participants, which you can send directly from your website.
  • Sun Protection Product Samples: The Foundation's product samples are donated by our corporate partners and are contingent upon availability. Please feel free to also reach out to companies in your area, and ask if they can support your event by supplying product samples.

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