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Thank You to Our 2015 Volunteer Dermatologists

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Road to Healthy Skin Tour

Thank you for visiting our Road to Healthy Skin Tour page. Our Tour is currently on hold while we plan for its next phase. It is an exciting time here at The Skin Cancer Foundation and we look forward to bringing you more programs that are bigger and better, so stay tuned.

If you are looking for a skin cancer screening, we recommend making an appointment with a local dermatologist. Our Physician Finder may help you find one in your area. And don’t forget your monthly self-exam – if you spot any new or changing growths during your head-to-toe examination, see a dermatologist immediately.

We’d like to thank every one of the 758 volunteer dermatologists who volunteered their time and services to provide free, full-body skin cancer screenings for more than 21,000 people. The Tour helped identify more than 9,000 suspected skin cancers and precancers, and more than 350 of them were suspected to be potentially deadly melanomas. If the Road to Healthy Skin Tour made a difference in your life, please share your story with us.

In eight years on the road our customized RV traveled nearly 129,000 miles to visit many communities across America. We’ve connected with so many great people and we are thrilled to say that this program saved lives! The Foundation is grateful for the support of our enduring sponsor, Rite Aid, and our many other corporate partners for keeping us on the road for so long. If you would like to personally support our mission, please consider making a donation.

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