Thank You to Our 2013 Volunteer Dermatologists

The Skin Cancer Foundation is proud to thank our professional members who generously donated their time and expertise to the 2013 Road to Healthy Skin Tour.

We thank you. Your community thanks you. And the people whose lives you saved thank you.

2013 Road to Healthy Skin Tour Volunteers

Heba Abdulla, MD John Huber, MD
Smita Agarwal, MD Amy Huber, MD
Shawn Allen, MD Sarah Jensen, MD
Elizabeth Anderson, MD Diane Kallgren, MD
Brian Bailey, MD, PhD Emely Karandy, DO
Sherilyn Baughman, MD John Kayal, MD
Rebecca Baxt, MD Gwyn King, DO
Daniel Behroozan, MD Jay C. Klemme, MD
Rajiv Bhatnagar, MD Ana Marie Liolius, MD
Stanley M. Bierman, MD Frederick A. Lupton, MD
Elizabeth Billingsley, MD Brian C. Machler, MD
Mavil Billips, MD Ann Martin, MD
Dana Black, MD Darnell Martin-Wimmer, MD
Mounir Boutros, MD Isaac Mordecai, MD
Patricia A Burden, MD Margaret Olsen, MD
Pamela Chayavichitsilp, MD Arisa Ortiz, MD
Lisa Chipps, MD, MS Melanie Palm, MD
Dr. C. Drew Claudel, MD Jeffrey Pollock, MD
Marc Darst, MD Quyn Sherrod Rahman, MD
Gloria Campbell D'Hue, MD Preethi V. Ramaswamy, MD
Patricia Dickerson, MD Jami L. Reaves, DO
Alice Do, DO Albert Rivera, DO
Matthew Doppelt, DO Robert Schwarze, MD
Corinne Leigh Erickson, MD Ronald Siegle, MD
Sabrina Fabi, MD Vipal Soni, MD
Adolfo Fernandez-Obregon, MD Sumayah Taliaferro, MD
Virginia Rutledge Forney, MD Minh Thieu, MD
Daniel Friedmann, MD Carol Trakimas, MD
Timothy Gardner, MD James Turner MD, PhD
Erik Gilbertson, MD Kimberly Dawn Vincent, MD
Loyd Seth Godwin, MD Peter Webb, MD
William Groff, MD James Wharton, MD
Mary Hall, MD Marlene Willen, MD
William Heimer, II, MD Brummitte Wilson, MD
Pamela Hite, MD Yu-Fahn Yuen, MD
Stephen Ho, MD Meiling L. Fang Yuen, MD
Lisa G. Hochman, MD  

If you are interested in volunteering for the 2014 Road to Healthy Skin Tour, please complete our Volunteer Form or contact Veronica Barlow at or (212)725-5176 x111.