Thank You to Our 2015 Volunteer Dermatologists

The Skin Cancer Foundation is proud to thank our professional members who generously donated their time and expertise to the 2015 Road to Healthy Skin Tour.

We thank you. Your community thanks you. And the people whose lives you saved thank you.

2015 Road to Healthy Skin Tour Volunteers

Rachel S. Altman, MD Agnieszka Kupiec, MD
Christine Ambro, MD Elizabeth A.  Liotta, MD
Rebecca Baxt, MD Kurt Maggio, MD
Elizabeth M. Billingsley, MD Linda Susan Marcus, MD
John Brady, MD David S. Mezebish, MD
Jisun Cha, MD Clinzo Mickle, MD
K. Neena Chima, MD Neh Onumah, MD
Sean Christensen, MD, PhD Anita Osmundson, DO
Mark Eaton, MD Jeffrey Pollock, MD
Adolfo Fernandez-Obregon, MD Panta Rouhani Schaffer, MD, PhD
Elizabeth Hale, MD Sanjiv K. Saini, MD
Faris Hawit, MD Allen Sapadin, MD
Ali Hendi, MD Maral Kibarian Skelsey, MD
Lisa Hochman, MD Randolph Stark, MD
Beverly Johnson, MD Patricia  Tager, MD
Julie K. Karen, MD Minh  Thieu, MD
Lisa Catherine Kauffman, MD Khanh  Thieu, MD
Joslyn Renee Sciacca Kirby, MD Ella Toombs, MD
Laine H. Koch, MD Kirk M. Volker, MD
Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH Wayne Xue, MD, PhD

If you are interested in volunteering for the 2016 Road to Healthy Skin Tour, please complete our Volunteer Form or contact Veronica Barlow at or (212)725-5176 x111.