2021 Destination Healthy Skin Volunteers

The Skin Cancer Foundation grateful acknowledges our 2021 Destination Healthy Skin physician volunteers who provided free skin cancer screenings in communities around the U.S. If you’d like to volunteer for our 2022 Destination Healthy Skin program, please fill out our interest form.

Thanks again to our amazing 2021 volunteers:

  • Morayo Adisa, MD
  • Martha Arroyo, MD
  • Brian Bailey, MD
  • Aly Barland, MD
  • Alina Bridges, DO
  • Kate Braunlich, DO
  • Liza Brown, DO
  • Mary Ruth Buchness, MD
  • Jeaneen Chappell, MD
  • Barbara Cortez, DO
  • Dekker Deacon, MD
  • Dayna Diven, MD
  • Zachary Eyre, MD
  • Adam Friedman, MD
  • Beth Goldstein, MD
  • Elizabeth K. Hale, MD
  • Carsten Hamann, MD
  • Ryan Holzwarth, MD
  • Erum Ilyas, MD
  • Julie K. Karen, MD
  • Bobby Joe Kennedy, DO
  • Saakshi Khattri, MD
  • Jesse Jensen, MD
  • Neelam Khan, MD
  • Henry H. Lim, MD
  • Lauren Madigan, MD
  • Katherine Martin, MD
  • Lauren Moy, MD
  • Ariel Ostad, MD
  • Neill T. Peters, MD
  • Adelle Quintana, MD
  • Ross Radusky, MD
  • Nahid Shahrooz, MD
  • Lisa Stirling, MD
  • Karen Stolman, MD
  • Mohiba Tareen, MD
  • Carol Trakimas, MD
  • Daneeque Woolfolk, MD
  • Mark Zalla, MD
  • Yan Isabel Zhu, MD
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