2022 Destination Healthy Skin Volunteers

The Skin Cancer Foundation grateful acknowledges our 2022 Destination Healthy Skin physician volunteers who provided free skin cancer screenings in communities around the U.S. If you’d like to volunteer for our 2023 Destination Healthy Skin program, please fill out our interest form.

Thanks again to our amazing 2022 volunteers:

Morayo Adisa, MD 

Jeremy A. Brauer, MD 

Michelle Bussmann, MD 

Lisa A. Carroll, MD 

Mimi Cho, MD 

Christopher Chu, MD 

Afton Cobb Chavez, MD 

Jessica Collins, DO 

Michael P. Conroy, MD 

Mike K. Crider, MD 

Julie S. Cronk, MD 

Natalie Curcio, MD 

Annette M. Dinneen, MD 

Jessica M. Donigan, MD 

Susan E. Dozier, MD 

Adolfo Fernandez-Obregon, MD 

V. Rutledge Forney, MD

Adam Friedman, MD 

Michelle Goedken, DO 

Beth G. Goldstein, MD 

Steven L. Greene, MD 

Carin H. Gribetz, MD 

James Griffith, MD 

Daniel A. Gross, MD 

Adele D. Haimovic, MD 

Elizabeth K. Hale, MD 

Dathan Hamann, MD 

Carsten R. Hamann, MD 

Erum Ilyas, MD 

Helena Jenkinson, MD 

Jesse Jensen, DO 

Julie K. Karen, MD 

Ivy Lee, MD 

Jesse M. Lewin, MD 

Sean T. McGuire, MD 

Elle de Moll, MD 

Rajiv Nijhawan, MD 

Chris I. Obeime, MD 

Maritza I Perez, MD 

Tyler Quest, MD 

Amy Ross, MD 

Joseph J. Shaffer, MD 

Farah K. Shah, MD 

Nahid E. Shahrooz, MD 

Aleta Simmons, MD 

Maria Sotomayor, MD 

Mina Swofford, MD 

Mohiba Tareen, MD 

Carol Trakimas, DO 

Jane Yoo, MD 


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