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Krista Bennett DeMaio immerses herself daily in the latest research and scientific breakthroughs from top experts in the field of skin cancer. She writes and edits our annual magazine, The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, and produces educational materials for the Foundation’s programs and website.  Before landing at The Skin Cancer Foundation, Bennett DeMaio spent more than two decades as a beauty and health editor and writer for women’s magazines and websites, including Women’s Health, Oprah, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Redbook,, and She lives in Huntington, New York, with her husband and three skin-care-obsessed girls. She considers it a parenting win that they wear moisturizer with sunscreen daily.

Find Your Sun Protection Style!

Sunscreen is always a major part of the sun protection equation, but there are many other clothing and accessory options you can mix and match to create the best possible coverage. Here’s our guide to find what’s best for you.

Why Do We (Still) Tan?

We know the risks of tanning, so why do people still do it? Here, a deep look at the history behind tan skin.

Top Trends in Skin Protection

Sunscreen is having a “glow up,” a social media term that means makeover or transformation. Serum-like formulas, tints that better match your skin tone and multitasking treatment sunscreens are just some of the high-tech options now. Our experts provide intel on the latest innovations to help shield your skin from the sun.

Finding Strength to Fight Melanoma

At just 21 years old, fitness instructor Danielle Frankl got a crash course in skin cancer. She geared up for the battle of her life and came out victorious. Here, her story, her recovery, and her efforts to raise awareness for the disease.

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