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June Update: More than 1,000 Free Screenings in 2023

By Victoria Kopec • August 28, 2023

Our 2023 Destination Healthy Skin free screening and education journey around the country is going strong. The RV has been on the road since May, and as of July 26, we have hit the following milestones: 

  • Our volunteer dermatologists have performed 1,137 free skin cancer screenings identifying 427 suspected skin cancers and precancers including 24 suspected melanomas.
  • The dermatologists also found 118  atypical moles, a melanoma risk factor. Participants with atypical moles were cautioned to keep a close eye on their skin. 

We’ve also reached a new program milestone: The Skin Cancer Foundation has officially provided more than 28,000 free skin cancer screenings since the program first launched. 

That’s a big deal!  

What Destination Healthy Skin Means to the People We Serve  

At every event, participants have told us how grateful they are to get screened, learn more about skin cancer prevention, and receive free skincare and sun protection products. Here are just a few comments that we’ve collected at our events: 

“This experience means everything to me! Skin cancer is something important for all of us to know about.” 

“Today was an informative opportunity to assess my skin health and potential concerns, and also take preventative actions.” 

“As a self-employed father of five, I am very thankful for this opportunity, since skin screening are not available to me. I really appreciate it.” 

“The screening helped bring my anxiety down, thank you.”

“Skin cancer is present in my family, and I want to get checked out.”

“Since my last screening in 2021, I have been in the sun so much. Thank you for this opportunity.” 

June Highlights  

We kicked off June in sunny Florida, stopping in Orlando, Tampa and Panama City Beach, then headed to Dotham, AL . From there we traveled west to Texas, stopping in Dallas, Houston and Austin.  

Big thanks to Michael Steppie, MD, who volunteered for both days at a very busy event in Orlando. One of participants he screened told us that her hairdresser warned her of a spot on her scalp that day. Then, her husband told her that we were screening right across the street from where he worked. She seized the opportunity to get her scalp checked out, and left the RV with peace of mind.

Some local construction workers were grateful to get screened. They told us that they work in the sun all day and do not often use sunscreen. We hope that our skin cancer prevention information and sun care products will help them begin protecting their skin!   

In Tampa, several participants hopped in their cars for long drives to get to our event after viewing a local news story. One man had never been screened before and was concerned about a spot on his arm, which the doctor identified as a suspected basal cell carcinoma. He was very grateful to be seen and plans to get a biopsy immediately.   

During our Dallas, Houston and Austin events, temperatures soared into the 100s, but that did not stop the large crowd from coming to the RV. Many of our Texas participants said they had never gotten a skin cancer screening, and some others explained that they had family who either had skin cancer or had passed away as a result of the disease. They were very thankful to be able to get their skin examined, receive educational information and sun safety products.  

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Onward in July 

In early July the summer heat followed us to Tempe, where we had two days of events in 110-degree heat. The first day, Dathan Hamann MD performed skin exams and on Saturday we welcomed his brother, Carsten Hamann, MD, PhD. The doctors had a brotherly competition to see who could screen the most people (Dathan: 73 Carsten: 96). A high percentage of our Arizona participants said that they had never had a professional skin exam.   

Later in July, we stopped at Encinitas, CA at the Sun Bum West Coast Office & Concept Store, then traveled north to Seattle, WA,  Kennewick, WA, before heading to Idaho Falls ID, followed by Sundance, UT where we will close out the month. Check our schedule for all the details and stay tuned for a full July update. 

We’ve put together a collection of images to give you a glimpse of the places we’ve been and the wonderful people we’ve met along the way!  

June Photo Gallery

Our volunteer dermatologist in Orlando, Michael Steppie, MD, brought his staff to assist him with screenings.   Our RV at our event in Tampa; it’s hard to miss!  
Jeffrey Stricker, MD, turned his volunteer shift in Dothan, Alabama into a learning opportunity for his staff and residents.   In Panama City Beach, Florida, patient participants lined up in the shade to wait for their screening. 
We enjoyed a picturesque day at the Discovery Green in Houston!   At our event in Austin, volunteer dermatologist Saya Obayan, MD, reminds us to check our skin for anything new, changing or unusual.  
In Tampa, a camera crew arrived to capture a screening to play on the local news.  One of our local brand ambassadors mans the education table at our event in Dallas.  


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