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What They’re Thankful For: Thoughts from The SCF Community

By Ali Venosa • June 9, 2021

Last Thanksgiving, The Skin Cancer Foundation staff shared what we were thankful for. This year, we asked our online community of skin cancer survivors to tell us what they’re grateful for this holiday season. Here are a few of their responses.

Kari W
“I am thankful for my boys. I have an unspecified genetic predisposition to BCC. I average about one Mohs [surgery] a year and multiple ED&C [electrodesiccation and curettage procedures]. Through it all my husband and son support me. My son is only 11 and doesn’t know the extent of my issues, but when I do have a major procedure he knows. He helps spoil me afterwards. My husband has my back. He drives me, comforts me, puts bandages on, and is my constant rock.”

-Kari W., California

“I’m thankful for two years clear after my melanoma diagnosis. Also, that we caught it early!”

-Jen M., Illinois

Jeff H
“I’m grateful for my surgeon and a successful MOHS surgery of a very large tumor on my face. I’m also grateful I’m healthy, strong and not letting this stop me.”

-Jeff H., Pennsylvania

“I am thankful that my treatment for a malignant melanoma 12 years ago was a success and I am able to see my 2 boys grow up.”

-Jon T., United Kingdom

“Faith, Family, Friends, & an Incredible Medical Team!”

-Alice M., Kansas

“I’m thankful that all 44 of [my] skin cancers have been removed with such great care. Unfortunately, most of them were squamous cell, and many required some serious expertise to remove. I’m most thankful for the exceptional skill and expertise of my Mohs surgeon, and the eye surgeon I went to to remove a basal cell carcinoma from my eyelid.”

-Sarah H., Rhode Island


The Skin Cancer Foundation staff wishes everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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