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Are You in the Know About This Sun Protection Strategy?

By Ali Venosa • December 18, 2023

When you think of sun protection, a few habits probably come to mind immediately. Wearing hats and sunglasses and applying sunscreen, for instance, are almost no-brainers for anyone looking to keep their skin safe from ultraviolet (UV) rays. But there are plenty of other products and behaviors you can incorporate into your sun protection strategy. Some of them can benefit you in situations you may not have realized are hazardous. 

One such situation is riding in a car. You may not know that while window glass blocks most UVB rays, the ones that can burn you, UVA rays, which can lead to tanning, premature aging and sunburn still get through. (Both UVB and UVA rays cause skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.) Window film, a laminate capable of blocking up to 99 percent of UV radiation, is an effective solution that’s often underused. 

Recently, The Skin Cancer Foundation worked with Fox 9 News Minneapolis on a segment investigating how much UV radiation is reaching you when you’re in the car, and how window film can help protect you. A friend of the Foundation, Matt Larson, MD, spoke to Fox 9 investigative reporter Jeff Baillon to help explain the health impact of UV exposure while driving. The results may surprise you!

You can watch the segment, and if you decide you want to add window film to your vehicle or home, visit the Foundation’s Product Finder to see which window films have earned our Seal of Recommendation.

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