Tips for Successful Fundraisers

The following tips and tricks will assist you in meeting and exceeding your fundraising goals.

Make It Personal

Customize your personal fundraising page to share your story. Include a picture and text describing how skin cancer changed your life. Let people know why you are involved and what it means to you.

Make the Ask

  • Make a List of Prospective Donors: Make a list of possible donors and the ways that you can reach out to them. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer over the course of a lifetime. With so many people affected, you might not know how someone's life has been touched by this disease, so don't be shy about asking for support.
  • Make It Personal: Draft a message telling your friends and family about how skin cancer has affected you, how they can help, and why you're supporting The Skin Cancer Foundation's important mission and programs.
  • Spread the Word: Fundraise with letters, emails, and social networking. Be sure to share a link to your personal fundraising page in all messages. Share your experience with skin cancer, post photos of your fundraising efforts, and explain how The Skin Cancer Foundation makes a difference.
  • Follow-Up: You will be surprised by how eager your friends, family and co-workers will be to support your cause. However, since people are very busy and sometimes things slip through the cracks, send a follow-up message to individuals who have not had a chance to donate.

Fundraising Outside the Box

While setting up a fundraising page will certainly be a big part of your fundraising efforts, consider other ideas to raise funds before the event:

  • Host a fundraising cocktail party
  • Make and sell skin cancer awareness pins
  • Fundraise outside a local store (be sure to get permission first)
  • Have a community car wash
  • Check to see if any of your donors' employers match gifts from employees
  • Ask a local restaurant to host a fundraising night
  • Post fundraising flyers on local bulletin boards
  • Organize a fundraising event at a local bar
  • Ask Human Resources at work to organize "Casual Fridays" all month for those who make a weekly $5 donation