Plan Your Golf Event


Getting a golf event off the ground may seem daunting, but with the right insight you can be sure your event will go smoothly. We've compiled a number of elements you should consider when planning your event. These guidelines and best practices will ensure your event is on track for success and potentially reduce your overhead costs.

  • Choose the Right Date: Golf course rates are often highest during months that offer the best weather, and lowest during months with the worst. Aiming for the time between peak season and off season can secure you the best weather for your buck. Also, be aware that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday tend to be the busiest days for golf. If you can have your event Monday-Thursday you will likely secure the best rate.
  • Get a Contract in Writing: Be sure to get a written contract with the golf course to ensure your event is given the time and resources necessary to make it a success.
  • Develop a Budget: Keep track of all income and expenses and stay conservative with expenses until you have a successful event
    • Ways to Keep Costs Under Control:
      • Donations: Ask for donations of all your expense items such as food and beverage, auction items and raffle prizes.
      • Sponsors: Eliminate key expenses by having sponsors cover the costs. For example, secure sponsors for your raffle gifts or the lunch/dinner expenses.
  • Follow a Timeline: Successful golf tournaments can take many months of planning. Set a specific completion date for each critical element of your event.

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