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Retail events are a fantastic way to raise awareness and funds, while simultaneously promoting your business. Hosting an event provides participants with unique fundraising opportunities. Below are a few types of businesses that have found ways to incorporate their services and products into successful events that benefit the Foundation.

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Spas and Salons

Spas and salons are natural partners to work with the Foundation since organizing an event can highlight and incentivize products and services related to skin health.

Fundraising ideas include:

  • Hosting an after hours cocktail party with proceeds from drinks and items sold benefitting the Foundation
  • Providing a specific treatment, service, or sales of a specific skin related product with a portion of proceeds benefitting the Foundation
  • Promoting a specific day of skin awareness where a percentage of proceeds benefit the Foundation
  • Creating a skin health bundle with various products that promote skin health

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Sunless Tanning Studios

Sunless tanning salons provide a healthy alternative to UV tanning studios. Sunless tanning businesses can tout their health benefits in cutting out a dangerous source of UV exposure and highlight the need for skin cancer awareness and prevention.

Fundraising ideas include:

  • A Skin Cancer Awareness Day where proceeds from sunless tanning procedures go to The Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Donating a dollar from every sunless tanning procedure to promote skin health and awareness
  • Raffling a basket of sun protective products

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Fitness Centers

Gyms, yoga studios, and other fitness centers can highlight skin health as part of their programs promoting healthy lifestyles.

Fundraising ideas include:

  • A class where a portion, or all, of each participant's entry fee goes to The Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Highlighting the dangers of skin cancer over the course of a month and donating a portion of membership fees
  • Host a tournament with the entry fee going to The Skin Cancer Foundation. The possibilities are endless: racquetball, kickboxing, dodge ball, etc.

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Other Retail Stores

Do you have an idea for a fundraising event in connection with your business or product? No idea is too big or too small; contact us to see if we can assist you in hosting a successful event!

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