Your Community

This year millions of people in the United States will be diagnosed with skin cancer. Please help us combat the world's most common cancer by making sun safety a priority in your communityWe're pleased to offer resources on hosting a local health fair, sun protection guidelines for neighborhood gathering spots and Rays Awareness, a free lesson plan for middle school and high school students.


Promoting Sun Safety

  • Golf Courses

    For every hour they play, recreational golfers can receive 3.5 to 5.4 times the amount of UV radiation exposure needed to cause sunburn.

  • Beaches and Swimming Pools

    The combination of skin-baring swimwear and bright midday sun, can be very harmful to your skin.

  • Senior Centers

    The odds of developing skin cancer rise as you age; in fact, between 40 and 50 percent of Americans who live to age 65 will have at least one skin cancer.

  • Parks and Playgrounds

    Parks and playgrounds are a great place for children to get exercise, have fun … and sustain sun damage.

  • Schools

    School is a great place to start building healthy skin habits. Read our tips for keeping students sun safe.