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Celebrating the Women of The Skin Cancer Foundation

March is Women’s History Month, and The Skin Cancer Foundation’s female physician members are taking the opportunity to share their unique insights as women in dermatology, and the world of medicine as a whole.

#ThisIsSkinCancer Stories

Skin cancer survivors and caregivers share, in their own powerful words, what it’s like to live with and beyond skin cancer. Their goal is to educate about the dangers of the disease and give hope to the newly diagnosed.

What is the Flap Technique in Skin Cancer Surgery?

While physicians commonly use Mohs surgery or excisional surgery to remove skin cancer, additional steps may be required to fully reconstruct the surgical site. One way physicians close a surgical area is by using surrounding tissue, also called flap surgery.

February 2024: Love and Protect Your Skin 💛

While February is a short month, daylight hours are increasing, and many of us are getting outside to walk, run, hike or ski. We’re here to remind you that even snow days are sun days. And if you’re on the slopes, remember that as your altitude increases, so does your risk for skin cancer. Practice sun safety, even when it’s cold outside.

5 Myths of Indoor Tanning, Busted!

Did you know more people develop skin cancer because of indoor tanning than develop lung cancer because of smoking? Dermatologist Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD, president of The Skin Cancer Foundation, shares five more good reasons to just say no to tanning beds.

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