Preston Clark

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Preston Clark - Professional Bass Angler
Born: 08/26/1964
Hometown: Palatka, FL
Resides: Palatka, FL
Turned Pro: 2001
Quote: "Not only do I wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 every time I go out, I also wear UV-blocking sunglasses and shirts, usually long-sleeved, with a high UPF."

Quick Facts

  • Recently, Preston was one of five professional anglers that competed at the 2010 EURO Cup and helped lead the U.S. team to victory.
  • Preston's 2006 BASSMASTER Classic big fish record - an 11-pound 10-ounce largemouth - stands to this day.
  • In April of 2006, Preston broke the heavyweight record at the Santee Cooper Showdown with a winning weight of 115 pounds, 15-ounces.
  • Preston and his wife, Katrina, have 4 children: Samantha, Zophia, Benjamin and Barrett.

Reason for Joining Team SCF

Having suffered from the effects of sun damage and seeing his competitors have to abandon their livelihoods due to skin cancer, Preston wanted to join Team SCF and do all he could to spread awareness of the disease.